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Who Is Anthony Villa? My Story In Online Business And Affiliate Marketing

Who Is Anthony Villa? My Story In Online Business And Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa bringing you guys yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be telling you a little bit about myself a little bit about my
story because guys I was going through some of my older videos and I realized
that I never created a video I’m talking about myself exactly who I am and how I
got to the point that I’m at now exactly where I started from guys because it is
a semi interesting story but I know a lot of you might not be interested in it
I know some of you might not subscribe for this kind of content and that’s
completely fine if this isn’t for you guys going to click off right now but
for those of you who are interested in hearing up just a little bit about my
story about where I started and how I got to the point where I am now
definitely stick around maybe that’s exactly I’ll be covering in this video
but before I get into the story guys if you’re brand new to the channel
definitely make sure to subscribe right now for brand new videos every single
day just like this one and with that say guys we’re gonna dive into this story
right now I was a 17 year old high school graduate
fresh out I had no idea what I wanted to do in my life honestly guys I was pretty
lost in the world I didn’t really have any set career path I was going to
college I did get accepted to college already and I was planning on attending
the full semester and as soon as I graduate I plan to go to college for a
general business degree because again I really wasn’t sure what I wanted to do
in my life but I figured business was probably my best bet but again I didn’t
know what I wanted to do in business so a general business degree made the most
sense at least at the time up until then guys are again I really didn’t know what
I wanted to do at some point I thought I was gonna be like a graphic designer or
something crazy like that obviously I’m not now but during the
time where I actually graduated high school to the fall semester that’s like
two or three months that summer period I had some time to think to myself and
kind of figure out exactly what I wanted to do in my life with that said I
actually switched majors before even going into college I told the college
before I even attended the first day of classes I wanted to switch majors I
switched from a general business degree to a marketing major which of course now
makes a lot of sense Pia’s now you guys see me as an affiliate marketer as a
digital marketer online but back then guys I was definitely not the same
person that I am today and I’m gonna tell you right now guys I switched
majors again I was a marketing major for maybe a month month and a half and I
switched to a finance major why well I thought I was gonna be some huge Wall
Street broker I was gonna absolutely killing and finance and make tons and
tons of that’s what I wanted to do because you
guys when it came to marketing I was looking at the annual salaries I was
looking at how much people getting paid in my areas for that kind of job and I
realized that it really wasn’t that much and it was also a pretty competitive
field at least in my general area I decided that this probably wasn’t my
best bet and I figured I’d make more money and I’d probably enjoy finance
more and because I had this great idea that I wanted to be some huge stock
broker on Wall Street and I had this big idea I working away all dreams whatever
anyway I quickly realized in into the finance majors that that also wasn’t for
me because as I was I hated those classes I absolutely hated the finance
classes they were significantly harder than the marketing classes as a lot of
you could probably imagine and I struggled in school a lot guys I was a
finance major for I mean I finished that first semester as a finance major and
then I continued to go to college for another semester and a half I was
enrolled in college for a total of three semesters at basically a year and a half
and like I mentioned guys for the first month I was a marketing major and then
for the next the next three semesters I was a finance major but at the end of
the guys I quickly realized school wasn’t for me
I was absolutely struggling I hated it and I quickly realized that maybe this
whole finance thing wasn’t for me but again I think that all kind of stemmed
back from me not really ever knowing what I wanted and honestly me switching
majors like three times to really like set up some red flags to somebody and my
family made my friends maybe it’s people up at College a guidance counsellor or
anything because most people don’t do that most people go to college but their
major and they just go over for years they graduate with that major or you
know that maybe they switch at least once throughout their college career but
I didn’t know anybody else that switched twice within a matter of like three
months but that’s exactly what I did up until the point where I dropped out as a
finance major now at the time that I dropped out I didn’t really have a
full-time business I dropped out for entrepreneurship and online business at
the time but I didn’t really have a steady full-time business yet I was
building it I was working on it and I was making a little bit of money but not
a ton so guys I don’t recommend that this definitely wasn’t the greatest idea
in hindsight obviously it’s worked out for me now which I’m very grateful for I
think one of the reasons that it did work out though is because I didn’t give
myself a second option I didn’t really have a choice guys dropping out of
college is definitely a hard decision I don’t recommend you do it unless you
think about it a lot I’m gonna say I didn’t drop
based on a whim I wasn’t just like one day I woke up and I was like yeah I’m
just gonna do this I thought about it for months and months and months I
talked to my family my some of my friends and some other people and I came
to the conclusion that my best bet was the dropout and that’s exactly what I
did and it worked out for me personally I’m very thankful I’m very grateful for
that but again it could have very easily gone south and it could not work out for
me which is exactly why I recommend you
guys don’t do that necessarily on top of that guys I just have to mention this I
was a little bit of a disclaimer I’m not anti college if you wanted a career
where you need a degree definitely go to college definitely get that degree but
for me it collar just wasn’t for me and that’s how I feel about it if college is
for you that’s absolutely great if your career you needed degree go ahead and
get one I highly recommend you go ahead and do that guys all the career path
that you want but for me college wasn’t the right path I had to make that change
and for me that was dropping out at the young age of 19 years old not really
having a full-time business but I had some great ideas and that was enough for
me I was ready to work my ass off so immediately after dropping out of
college guys I struggled a lot with online business I did not find success
immediately you hear a lot of people who find success like almost instantly
somehow I wasn’t one of those stories I struggled a lot I lost money I lost a
lot of money I’d saved up and I I mean honestly guys I did not find a lot of
success I had multiple failures on multiple losses and he has for months
and months and months I just the best way to put it is I just
struggled it was bad guys and one of the only reasons that I think even got
better it was because I just did not give up I just worked and worked and
worked my ass off until I saw some sort of result once I saw that little bit of
result that motivated me even more to just keep going push harder work harder
work every single damn day until I found the level of success that I wanted with
that said guys I worked my ass off just just until I saw just a little bit of
success I was making a decent amount of money and again guys this was not a lot
of money I was making I was about 20 years old at this point when I finally
found some success in affiliate marketing I was making a little bit now
guys at 20 years old a little bit of money seems like a lot of money and I
got the time obviously it wasn’t I know that now
but at the time it seemed like I was making a ton when I really wasn’t but
what that did give me is the resources the motivation and the connections to go
out and meet people who were killing it way more than I was because again at the
time even though I thought I was killing it I definitely was not honest
again I’m gonna be transparent this video I wasn’t killing it I thought I
was but what that did give me like I just mentioned was the connections to
better people to people who were actually killing it the people that were
above me so what the end up giving me over the long term is mentors that
helped me out and really showed me the way to real success to actually killing
it in online business in affiliate marketing and again guys I’m gonna tell
you right now 100% transparency I definitely did pay for some of these
mentors I paid them money for their time because again they were
above me they were where I wanted to be at in like three or six months and I was
willing to spend the money to get there with that said I did pay some of them I
did buy again a lot of courses and at the end of the day I definitely think
that it was worth it it paid off in the end I definitely spent probably
thousands of dollars on courses and mentors some of them on be honest Kara’s
again 100 percent transparency we’re just bullshit straight up
I wasted a good amount of money on bullshit courses and bullshit mentors
but that didn’t allow me to find the good courses and the great mentors that
I attribute a lot of my success that I have now I should be to them but I am
very grateful and thankful for them because they did help me take my little
business where I thought I was killing it to a bigger business to actually to
actual success but that being said guys if you’re struggling a little bit I
definitely recommend again courses and mentors I always tell you this on the
channel there’s no reason to buy them that was in dollar course if you’re
beginning in a business in a business model if you’re just starting out with
Shopify do not go and buy a thousand dollar course because guys I definitely
I did I did that too one of the other major struggles that I had and I see so
many other people have now when I was 19 is I had shiny object syndrome to the
max guys it was absolutely and it killed me so if you for those you don’t know
what that is I’m gonna give you an example right now to kind of explain
exactly what shiny object syndrome is and the reason that’s bad guys is
because you never really spend a solid enough amount of time to actually build
a business guys how many people come into this thing they can do it in a week
at two weeks guys a month that’s not possible for most of us at least there
will always be that one-in-a-million shot
of hitting success immediately within their first month but for most of us
that’s not gonna happen it takes months and months of grinding just to see
success in your business so switching business models every three or four
months is just straight-up shiny object syndrome and it absolutely kills your
business it kills your success it kills all your results I definitely struggled
with that a lot guys a lot of the business model is like talking about on
my channel I’ve actually done I’ve actually been through and that’s why I’m
able to talk I’m the way I do on my channel guys
Amazon FBA I did for a few months shop try I had to Shopify stores the first
one absolutely tanked because again I no idea what I
was doing but the second one I actually bought some courses got a mentor for
that and my second Shopify store did significantly better again I wasn’t
fully happy with it I wasn’t fully happy with the business model and again it
really just wasn’t for me which is when I officially not
officially but I finally switched to affiliate marketing or heard back to a
flaky marketing guys again freely mark and he’s kind of I got my start and now
it’s where I’m at in the end which is kind of ironic well all that stuff so
guys my point with that little tangent I just went on is this do not get signing
objection drum stick to one business model and just work your ass off until
you find success in it because switching business models every three or four
months isn’t gonna help you it’s only gonna hurt you and it definitely hurt me
guys with that said though guys once I did eventually find success in a flight
marketing again I was in East face for groups and what I quickly realized was
there’s a lot of people online in affiliate marketers and business in
general who didn’t know a lot of the same things
that I did and there were people selling this information for $500 thousand
dollars a course because again I know this guy’s because I took those courses
I know how much they were selling the information for and I realized that I
could help people out here because I had the knowledge that so many other people
didn’t I could provide them value I could provide them that knowledge guys I
could share the knowledge I could share the wealth
because again guys there’s enough to grow for everybody so many people online
have this scarcity mindset of there’s not enough to go around so I have to
hold on to whatever I have and I can’t tell anybody about it or also lose it
don’t have that mindset guys it’s a bad mine said I have and indefinitely again
it definitely hurts you it’s way better to have an abundant mindset a mindset of
abundance where there’s enough to go on for everybody and that’s exactly the
mindset I had at the time guys I had a mindset of abundance I was willing to
help people up because guys I quickly realized I can help out a lot of people
just purely by sharing the knowledge that I have with them just sharing that
value with them I talk about a ton of people and that’s exactly what I wanted
to do that’s exactly why I made this youtube channel
thinking it’s exactly why I did the hundred day challenge and that’s also
why I just launched my brand new website the Anthony Villa dot-com for the same
exact reason to share that knowledge share that information with you guys
again a lot of the information I share on this channel is also going to be on
the website but there’s even more stuff but with that said guys that pretty much
wraps up this video that is my story of how Armand for me
seventeen-year-old college dropout to the semi successful again I’m not gonna
say I’m super successful because yeah
there’s still a lot of ground I have to cover there’s still a lot more success
that I want to see in my life so I’m not nearly at the point where I want to be
yet but I’m definitely working on I’m definitely on that journey and I want
you guys to follow me on that journey as well by subscribing to this YouTube
channel with that said though guys if your on your own journey I’d love to
hear about it in the comment section down below what kind of business are you
in right now what are you doing and with all that stuff say guys I know this
might be a little bit of a longer video but I really wanted to kind of convey my
story to those who actually care I know a lot of you might not but for those who
did stick around I really do appreciate it I appreciate you guys watching with
that said I hope you guys enjoyed definitely make sure to subscribe if
you’re new and I will see you guys in the next one


I know this isn't my typical kind video so take it easy on me for this one guys, I know I talked pretty fast at times but I didn't wanna make a 30 minute because I know no one cares THAT much lol, but if you did enjoy feel free to leave a like and subscribe and well be back to our regularly scheduled content tomorrow😀

Its never an easy journey bro. I got into affiliate marketing last month and i promote weight loss, my major challenge is traffic, no solo ads seller on weight loss niche.

I am glad you looked at the salary of your major before getting that degree. Too many people fail to keep the end in mind. But I think only people who value money evaluate their future goals to make sure the 2 align with each other.

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