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Why Is Long Exposure Photography So Appealing?

Why Is Long Exposure Photography So Appealing?

Hi everyone. Welcome back to the channel. My name is David Sornberger and I’m a travel photographer and landscape
photographer. I post a video here weekly to the channel to up your game in both
of those genres, especially landscape photography. The topic of the day, today,
is why is long exposure photography so appealing? I am genuinely moved by
photography. Only photography has the power to seize a moment and really
expose the details of a person, a moment, or a place. We are usually viewing photos
that capture a brief moment in time but long exposure photography is completely
different. The intent of long exposure photography is to create an image that
highlights the passage of time. It’s a popular technique whereby the
camera shutter is left open for a period of time. Depending on the settings and
the conditions, the shutter might be left open for two seconds up to two hours.
This technique captures both stationary and moving objects. The magic really pops with moving objects as they appear as blurred. So, imagine those
cityscapes where someone has set the tripod and camera up on long exposure
and they’ve tracked the taillights of cars down a motorway. That’s long
exposure photography. Or, if you’re looking at a beautiful waterfall and it
has that really milky flow in in the water with the water coming off the
falls there. That is also long exposure photography. So, the inclusion of motion
mostly through light is really the appeal of this type of photography. I’ve
compiled a list of about 16 different photographers which will be on the blog
post which I will hit publish on right after I finish this video and post it of
really amazing and intriguing examples of long exposure photography from all
around the world. Without further adieu, let’s dig into some of those
profiles. The first photographer’s work that I’d like to profile on today’s vlog
is a guy named Michael Sidofsky and he’s from Toronto, Ontario.
He specializes, his website says, he specializes in elevated travel
photography. He’s an avid traveler and photographer and his goal, he says, is to
capture the essence of a destination to the use of advanced techniques and
photography, which I would say that long exposure photography is one of those things and post-processing and I would say that his
photographs using those techniques really set his images apart from other
photographers. The second photographer who I’d like to profile today is Alexa Hope. She was born and raised in Santa Barbara, California.
Alexa considers herself to be not only a landscape photographer but a seascape
photographer. So, in her setting I’m sure there are mountain ranges, there’s the sea
obviously and beautiful landscapes. What a great setting to get into some long
exposure photography. What I noticed when I was viewing Alexa’s Instagram profile
is that she has a real sensitivity for composition and a really keen eye for
color which makes her images really pop. Way to go, Alexa! The third photographer
who I’m profiling today is Hugo Val Perez and I hope I’m pronouncing his
name correctly. He is based in the Pyrenees. On his Instagram account he has a website link to Viewbug, so I scrolled over to that and checked out his
images out. There’s a really wide range. So, there’s landscape
photography, there’s an example of amazing astrophotography, some
exceptional work done with with long exposure photography as well. It’s well
worth navigating over to his Instagram account as well as his Viewbug page to
check out some of his really, really keenly composed work. Brent Shavnore is
the fourth photographer who I’m profiling today. If you navigate over
to his Instagram account, which is just, I believe, jshavnore, there’s a
quote on the top of his profile that says, “A mind that is stretched can never
return to its original dimensions.” So, when you scroll through his account I
think that that is particularly true for his work. Actually, some of those photos
kind of confused me to begin with because the the images are just so vivid
and so amazing. Some of them look like fine art although I know they are
photographs but there has been some amazing post-processing and some some
really good use of long exposure photography. So, if you want to be inspired definitely head over to his his website
as well as his Instagram feed for some some inspiration. Photographer number five is Chandra Bong, as we go through this vlog focusing on
why long exposure photography is so appealing. Chandra is as a photographer
in Australia. He is a featured photographer with the Visit New South
Wales tourism folks there in Australia. If you scroll through his Instagram feed
you’re going to see at the top row there as of today anyways an amazing
example of some astrophotography a wonderful long exposure example. It looks like it’s in the Sydney Harbour as well as the one with the ice don’t quote me
on this but I’m wondering – oh, it’s from the Tasman area. I
thought for a moment it was in Iceland at Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. He only has four thousand six hundred and seventy-one followers I don’t know
why he doesn’t have way more than that. He’s definitely a talented photographer
from what I see here so head over to his Instagram feed. His handle is chandra_b87. It’s well worth the visit. The sixth and final photographer who who
were profiling today on the vlog is Simon Roppel. Simon’s an award-winning
Swiss photographer who lives in a small village in northern Switzerland.
When you scroll through his Instagram feed I don’t know what you’ll think. I
think it’s absolutely stunning. The images have a certain
darkness to them in the background but the colors are so rich and they really
just pop off the screen. I love quotes as if you haven’t
noticed already but one of the quotes on his website is from someone named Joan Miró and it says, “you can look at a picture for a week and never think of it
again. You can also look at a picture for a second and think of it all your life.”
And I think that might just be true if you head over to his Instagram page and
check out his website. It’s well worth the visit. So, the list of photographers
that I’ve profiled today on the vlog are only six of so many that I
follow. On the blog, I think I featured a total of 16 but just in terms of time
here on the vlog I didn’t feature all of them. So, head over to and look for the latest blog post, as of today anyways, and you can see the other ones that i have featured as well. I’m hoping that the examples I’ve
given you today will give you some inspiration and give you some ideas of
the settings that these photographers took these photos in. I’ve really enjoyed
featuring these photographers today and landscape photography I hope you’ll join
me again next week. If you haven’t already done so why not hit the
subscribe button, hit the like button? That really does help me grow this
channel and as always if you have any comments or questions please feel free
to send me a message and I always try to get back to my viewers as quickly as
possible. So, until next week, I have hope you have a wonderful week coming up and I look forward to seeing you next Saturday.

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Amazing photographers! Thank you for mentioning them! It’s a long time since I’ve tried long exposure photography, but I’m so pumped when I see long exposure photos.

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