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Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Why Most People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to yet another video here on the channel where today
guys I’m gonna be showing you exactly why most people who do affiliate
marketing end up failing I’m gonna show you exactly why their affiliate
marketing businesses fail in the first few months and they see little to no
success at all after that guys I’m gonna tell you exactly how you can avoid doing
these things that way you can actually succeed online in affiliate marketing
with that being said there guys before we start this video off if you’re brand
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with that being said guys we’re gonna dive into my computer right now so I can
start this video off for you guys all right guys we’re now in my computer as
you can see on my whiteboard why most people fail with affiliate marketing
guys I have reason 1 and reason 2 they’re probably a ton of reasons why
people can fail with the flow marketing but these are the two biggest ones that
I see over and over again that I contribute to people actually failing
with the flate marketing guys the first one I’m not gonna waste on your guys
time we’re gonna dive straight into this video I want to pull the first box away
reveal that the number one reason I see people fail with affiliate marketing is
because of inconsistency I guys that might sound weird at first let me
explain as with a flow your marketing and online business in general to be
successful you need to be consistent when you’re consistent that’s when
you’ll actually find the highest rate of success that’s because guys bring in
work every single day day after day is gonna get you a lot more results and
it’s gonna help you make a lot more progress than putting in work every like
once a week twice a week maybe only on the weekends because guys I can almost
guarantee right now that the person was putting in work every single day day
after day week after week he’s gonna do a lot better and be a lot more
successful than the person who’s only putting in like a day or two a week you
know I’m putting in like a day or two a week into your online business as if you
would up that’s just like three or four if you did is double the amount of days
that you work and become that much more consistent I got was can guarantee more
success but the chances of you succeeding are gonna be that much higher
you’re gonna be progressing through online business that much faster this
principle being consistent goes across pretty much any topic whether it’s
affiliate marketing email marketing you – dropshipping Shopify whatever it is
consistency is really the key guys so that’s the number would actually avoid
failing with inflated marketing guys is this be consistent be as consistent as
you can work as much as you can as I’m not gonna sit here and preach you know
work 24/7 because guys everyone has a life I understand that but putting as
much work as you can if you guys really really want this you need to be
consistent and put in the work every single day with that being said though
guys I want to run to the second reason that I see people fail with the flow
marketing all the time you pull the box away you guys that’s quitting too soon I
see so many people who are so close to actually succeeding it really just
breaking through they just don’t know it yet and then they end up quitting too
soon right before they see any sort of success and this kind of ends up being a
combination of 1 & 2 a lot of times people quit too early is because they’re
inconsistent in their business they’re not consistent enough to actually see
real results in real progress fast they end up quitting before they see any type
of results at all before they see any sales any success they quit and that’s
really the wrong way to go about it guys so many people come into a flow
marketing and online business in general with this mindset that they’re gonna
come in and in the first week they’re gonna knock out like five hundred
dollars and hopefully commissioned by the end of the month they’re gonna have
like a full-time income and two thousand dollars in sales you guys it’s really
not like that problem is guys that people come into a flight marketing with
that mindset it really messes them up because now they’re coming and expecting
to clear a thousand two thousand dollars in the first month and that almost never
happens guys because guys affiliate marketing isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme
any online business is not gonna be get rich quick and people don’t really
understand that they come into a flight marketing thinking they’re gonna make
millions overnight and then when that doesn’t happen then they just give up
they quit guys I see this all the time people come into affiliate marketing and
then for a month they’ll work but throughout that month again going back
to reason one they’ll be extremely inconsistent they won’t work for 30 days
straight out of those 30 days in a month they might work like five six maybe even
seven of those days not see the results of the prior so they want and they say
hey a flight marketing doesn’t work he’s not for me
I’m quitting and then therefore marketing business fails because they
gave up before they even had a real shot at success it’s not gonna happen
overnight this could take weeks months to see any of the success that you
really want if you want to make thousands of dollars
month passive income month after month that takes a little while to build up
you don’t build that in a week in a month if you really want to build a
business as a long-term and provides for you month after month and you’re gonna
want to put in the time work and focus actually build up the business like that
you don’t want to come into a flat marketing with the mindset that you’re
gonna make tons of money super fast and it’s gonna be extremely easy because all
these other people are doing it and they make it look easy so it must be like
printing free money and honestly guys it’s not I can’t I can’t preach it
enough it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme if you guys can just come into a
floating marketing with a clear head and then this consistently work day in and
day out and then guys not give up is the major thing because guys after a month
you might be a little bit discouraged with your results you have to fight
through that if you guys if you can get through the beginning stages you’re so
much more likely to find success later on because guys the beginning is the
hardest because you don’t have anybody on your email list nobody’s following
you nobody knows who you are you know of any ads you have nothing going on and
you’re just starting out as if you can just get through the initial rough
stages of it it took the first month two months and says stay motivated to not
give up and work like I said consistently you actually have a lot
more success obviously I can’t guarantee anything guys you’ll be setting yourself
up for a lot higher chances of reaching success that’s what you all want with
that being said guys those are my top two reasons I see people fail with
affiliate marketing online that’s pretty much the video guys if you enjoyed the
video then definitely up a like on it and if you’re new here guys like I said
before definitely subscribe for brand new videos every single day and until
next time guys i’m anthony villa and i’m out


You just have to keep marketing every day and eventually you will have customers! Thanks for the tutorial Anthony, make sure to swing by my channel when you get the chance and watch my online money making video. Have a wonderful Monday morning! <3

Anthony, this is a really good video for motivating people! I enjoyed it and found your advice very helpful. . . Thanks!

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