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Why should you consider programmatic advertising? | Need-to-know

Why should you consider programmatic advertising? | Need-to-know

You’ve probably heard of programmatic advertising, but do you understand what it is and what its benefits are? No? Don’t worry, this video will explain all the basics you need to know! First, what is programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising involves the use of artificial intelligence to buy digital advertising space. Artificial intelligence is also used to collect and analyse cookies, which are used to improve audience targeting and decide when an ad should display to a user. Put simply, programmatic advertising is an automated, intelligent technology that replaces the need for humans to do tedious tasks like buying ad space. So, what are the benefits of programmatic advertising? Programmatic advertising leads to improved targeting, reduced audience duplication. advanced tracking, and real-time campaign optimisation. And because artificial intelligence is taking care of the day-to-day running and optimisation of your campaign, your time is freed up to focus on other things like refining your audience and strategy, or post-campaign analysis. Programmatic advertising is good for brand awareness, and supports other activities such as search. And don’t forget, it’s not just for big brands with big budgets – anyone can do it! Do you have any questions about programmatic advertising? Let us know in the comments below! And remember, we can provide consultancy and conduct programmatic advertising campaigns for you, whatever country or language you’re targeting – just get in touch using the link in the description.


Hi, thanks for the video. You mentioned it's available to anyone.. how it it possible for anyone? Is there a serving platform?

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