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Why Vaccines are Made Too Late… If They’re Made At All | Seth Berkley | TED Talks

Why Vaccines are Made Too Late… If They’re Made At All | Seth Berkley | TED Talks

The child’s symptoms begin with mild fever, headache, muscle pains, followed by vomiting and diarrhea, then bleeding from the mouth,
nose and gums. Death follows in the form of organ failure
from low blood pressure. Sounds familiar? If you’re thinking this is Ebola, actually, in this case, it’s not. It’s an extreme form of dengue fever,
a mosquito-born disease which also does not have
an effective therapy or a vaccine, and kills 22,000 people each year. That is actually twice
the number of people that have been killed by Ebola in the nearly four decades
that we’ve known about it. As for measles, so much
in the news recently, the death toll is actually tenfold higher. Yet for the last year, it has been Ebola that has stolen
all of the headlines and the fear. Clearly, there is something
deeply rooted about it, something which scares us
and fascinates us more than other diseases. But what is it, exactly? Well, it’s hard to acquire Ebola, but if you do, the risk
of a horrible death is high. Why? Because right now, we don’t have any
effective therapy or vaccine available. And so, that’s the clue. We may have it someday. So we rightfully fear Ebola, because it doesn’t kill
as many people as other diseases. In fact, it’s much less transmissible
than viruses such as flu or measles. We fear Ebola because of the fact
that it kills us and we can’t treat it. We fear the certain inevitability
that comes with Ebola. Ebola has this inevitability
that seems to defy modern medical science. But wait a second, why is that? We’ve known about Ebola since 1976. We’ve known what it’s capable of. We’ve had ample opportunity to study it in the 24 outbreaks that have occurred. And in fact, we’ve actually had
vaccine candidates available now for more than a decade. Why is that those vaccines
are just going into clinical trials now? This goes to the fundamental
problem we have with vaccine development
for infectious diseases. It goes something like this: The people most at risk for these diseases are also the ones least able
to pay for vaccines. This leaves little in the way
of market incentives for manufacturers to develop vaccines, unless there are large numbers of people
who are at risk in wealthy countries. It’s simply too commercially risky. As for Ebola, there is absolutely
no market at all, so the only reason we have two vaccines
in late-stage clinical trials now, is actually because
of a somewhat misguided fear. Ebola was relatively ignored until September 11
and the anthrax attacks, when all of a sudden,
people perceived Ebola as, potentially, a bioterrorism weapon. Why is it that the Ebola vaccine
wasn’t fully developed at this point? Well, partially, because
it was really difficult — or thought to be difficult —
to weaponize the virus, but mainly because
of the financial risk in developing it. And this is really the point. The sad reality is, we develop vaccines not based upon the risk
the pathogen poses to people, but on how economically risky it is
to develop these vaccines. Vaccine development
is expensive and complicated. It can cost hundreds
of millions of dollars to take even a well-known antigen
and turn it into a viable vaccine. Fortunately for diseases like Ebola, there are things we can do
to remove some of these barriers. The first is to recognize
when there’s a complete market failure. In that case, if we want vaccines, we have to provide incentives
or some type of subsidy. We also need to do a better job
at being able to figure out which are the diseases
that most threaten us. By creating capabilities within countries,
we then create the ability for those countries to create
epidemiological and laboratory networks which are capable of collecting
and categorizing these pathogens. The data from that then can be used to understand the geographic
and genetic diversity, which then can be used
to help us understand how these are being changed
immunologically, and what type of reactions they promote. So these are the things that can be done, but to do this, if we want to deal
with a complete market failure, we have to change the way
we view and prevent infectious diseases. We have to stop waiting
until we see evidence of a disease becoming a global threat
before we consider it as one. So, for Ebola, the paranoid fear
of an infectious disease, followed by a few cases
transported to wealthy countries, led the global community to come together, and with the work
of dedicated vaccine companies, we now have these: Two Ebola vaccines in efficacy trials
in the Ebola countries — (Applause) and a pipeline of vaccines
that are following behind. Every year, we spend billions of dollars, keeping a fleet of nuclear submarines
permanently patrolling the oceans to protect us from a threat
that almost certainly will never happen. And yet, we spend virtually nothing to prevent something as tangible
and evolutionarily certain as epidemic infectious diseases. And make no mistake about it —
it’s not a question of “if,” but “when.” These bugs are going to continue to evolve and they’re going to threaten the world. And vaccines are our best defense. So if we want to be able to prevent
epidemics like Ebola, we need to take on the risk
of investing in vaccine development and in stockpile creation. And we need to view this, then,
as the ultimate deterrent — something we make sure is available, but at the same time,
praying we never have to use it. Thank you. (Applause)


Vaccines are to kill us. Depopulation, Bill Gates. Rockefeller: we are worthless eaters. Georgia Guidestones, population of 500 million to be left on this planet. Look up Georgia Guidestones, it's "their" 10 commandments. Vaccines have cancer virus's in them, mercury and many many more poisons. Why do you think the rate of autism has gone up??? Cali now has FORCED vaccines, I feel so sorry for children today. Purposely being infected by "their" poisons to depopulate us..

I sure hope people wake up. Do not accept a needle from anyone. Flu shots are poison also, they "make" you get sick. Read the insert in the box, ACTUALLY "READ" what the side effects are. Oh, I forgot, they are starting to take the insert out of the box so you can't be informed….. What do they have to HIDE.

God Bless

If vaccines are so great, make them free. The profits of these companies is staggering. They push too many on young children and are proven to be dangerous. Read the warnings.

We know your lies, and the truth you hide,
understand your actions are well documented,
if and when the system collapse,
you shall be one of the first targets held accountable
for those that you've killed and your death sentence will be
carried out by patriots with pride!
Changes your ways, and tell the truth, maybe then
your death sentence may be commuted to life imprisoned
for your crimes against humanity and dignity alike!

Injecting poisons and pathogens into you to infect you but prevent some symptoms of the disease while also preventing real immunity and causing long term chronic illness is not my idea of a good health initiative.

What a bunch of elitist scum. We aren't falling for it anymore. We don't want your vaccines, we know you are using them to kill off the "undesirables" as you call us, and we know you're all making billions off of sickness and using aborted fetal tissue in your vaccines to do it. There is no greater SCUM on this earth than you.

Vaccines are a lie,if it was not then why be concerned about the unvaxed? How can the unvaxed spread disease against the vaxed if the vaccines are effective?

Don't inject your kids with formaldehyde, aluminum, mercury, MSG, antibiotics and aborted fetal genes. It is a joke, if there were such a thing as FREEDOM, then we wouldn't be stuck with these toxins against our will. Parents need to get their heads out of their arses and realize that these doctors or drug companies don't give a damn about their children. You want a healthy child? Make sure he gets vitamin D; plenty of fruits and vegetables; probiotics; omega-3s and clean water. That is a good start. We are done for if we continue to believe these mass liars and murderers. Rockefeller, Gates and many others are billionaires that make money off of your demise. That is what they are doing with vaccines. WAKE UP.

Wanna know what's in vaccines? Mercury, formaldehyde, feces, aluminum and virus', just to name a few. This crap is going right into your blood and is toxic. Does the flu vaccine really work? It seems like every year during flu season the CDC comes out and says the flu vaccine they created doesn't cover the strains that are infecting everyone. That's because they "guess" what the most prevalent strains WILL be before the flu season starts. Brilliant. Big pharma and the CDC care about one thing and one thing only… $$$. Don't think for a minute that they care about your health and well-being. Say no to vaccines and say yes to improved health and long life

I've done my research and vaccines are the way to go. I don't know where you get your unscientific bologna but you need to read actual papers or visit an actual lab to talk to real doctors.

Vaccines contain "riders" in the form of mercury, viruses, and other deadly compounds.
The goal of mass vaccination is to introduce life long illnesses and lower fertility.

I wish there was a vaccine for ignorance..but unfortunately if there was it probably wouldn't work.
Vaccines don't work..if you do your own research it's really easy to find out for yourself. plus it's fun to learn and we all know knowledge is power. So let's get excited here we can become more powerful! Both sides should dig in and do some research proving their case.
I've done my research and I can say without a doubt.. keep your vaccines away from me, my family and anyone I cate about.

After watching this video o was very angry and sad, then I read the comments and I am so happy and glad.
We out number them, but they keep us silenced by making us believe through this media propaganda blizzard that we are a small minority of crazy people.

Seth Berkley you are a child murderer along with big pharma and doctors who's greed and eugenics (a deadly combination for the innocent) is the only reality that matters to them.

Reading the comennt. That moment when Eastern Europe knows more about sience than the "all-civilized" Westerners and USA … We have a beautiful future ahead …

scans the comments

wow. look at all these people willing to let their kids, and other peoples kids, die because they think scanning google for 15 minutes is the same thing as scientific research.

check out the comments, folks. If you want to know what a paid government TROLL looks like, check out slim6y-they all are alike. I am sure he will reply to this to 'defend' his stance. SHAME on you, sir-SHAME. You know not what you do and how you are mislead.

Who in the world would stick a poison some little kids arm?? Know it's poison??? Rake one sick person to wanna do that !!!

I was vaccinated 39 times in my life and never experienced any side effects. I am healthy, didn't even spend a single night in hospital and graduated top of my class. I worked in a lab that developed vaccines and believe me, they work.
If you believe that the purpose of vaccines is to decimate the population, then why is life expectancy increasing worldwide?

Wow so many ignorant conspiritards, vaccines do not cause autism.
Are you really against vaccines? Maybe adult onset of measels will cange your minds.
Grow up and stop hurting the weakest in society with this misinformation.

Colloidal silver, kill all bacteria and fungus, but the medical community say its bad for you and the government make it really difficult to sell it… power and money, its all about that.

These people want 90% of the population dead. It says it right on the Georgia Guidestones look it up if you don't believe me. That is why they put mercury poisoning in your vaccines and why they poison your food water and your mind with this sick crap

TED wtf first you give us algorezerra ,i thought here we go .then bill gate's talking depopulation and vaccine's .now this turkey to seal the deal.idea's worth sharing ,more like soft kill diseases worth spreading.ted's been hijacked

All comments here are making me smile how naive US youtube commentators here are, because the sooner you become dumb enough not to take vaccine, and thus become weaker, the sooner EU will be free of your pressure.
And we in EU smile when we see you go anti vaccine and anti science, we're like "yeah, sure, thumbs up, buddy, way to go yeehaw" 😀

As a nursing student I personally believe that vaccinations are a great thing. It's incredibly dangerous to the public by not vaccinating your children. Because of vaccinations bacterial infections like Diptheria have almost been eliminated off earth, and that goes for viral diseases as well. Polio is almost unheard of in the western world. All of this talk about vaccinations causing autism is ridiculous, and not based off of anything. There is no true evidence of this, only speculation. I know that everyone on the internet is a super genius, but I have actually studied this in great detail alongside my microbiology professor and peers.

People here that say like Vaccines are potion and stuff are just stupid and/or trolls.. and probably Americans.

Vaccines may sometimes have symptoms, but thats very rare, and those few that get symptoms are better and fewer than those that die if no one had taken vaccines. thats a fact

These comments I'm reading about people who think vaccines are bad for you are making me die a little inside. Too bad I don't have a bs argument vaccine, lol.

The only thing I agree on in regard to people who are anti-vaccine is that corporations should not be the ones in control of them. Healthcare should actually be about health, and not profits.

The people who drive your ambulances and protect you while you sleep also care about how much they are paid. It is not a conspiracy; it's just the dynamics of a free market economy. A vaccination is not an injection filled with poison either; it contains a truncated virus that is far easier for the human body to cope with. Learning to fight it provides stronger defence against it in the future. I don't know if vaccinations can cause the recipient to contract the virus, if that happens at all. Viruses reproduce hundreds of thousands of times a DAY. It isn't impossible that a measles vaccine is given to a child and the kid catches a different kind of measles. Its the reason we can't kill the little fuckers; they change way too fast. Vaccines are based on the most frequently reoccurring strains. If you don't like vaccines and you don't like humans dying en mass, then please, in all sincerity, share any alternatives. Don't just get angry.

Our best defense are vaccines? Vaccines to combat ever-changing bacteria and viruses? No. Our best defense is to give these people what they really need. Infrastructure for clean running water, Power for refrigeration, clean fresh nutrient dense foods and farmlands. Safe clean homes, education to promote independence and community sustainability.

why are there so many stupid people in this comment section? what is it with you americans and your stupid conspiracy theories??

Wow! So many BRAIN-DEAD RETARDS babbling against vaccines.
Why bother with Information and Science when anti-vaxxers retards can have beliefs and hodge-podge propaganda 🙂

because people want to believe in the world they love the lie. they are killing us with these vaccines the problem is only the people at the top know this to be true the people at all the lower levels of the chain are well meaning but they just can't believe there are very evil people running all of this. THE VACCINES ARE ACTUALLY SPREADING THE VERY THINGS THEY CLAIM THEY ARE PREVENTING. And no i am not a doctor but even the doctors can only believe the textbooks. Remember there's lies, there's damn lies, then there's statistics.

It's a shame the anti-healthcare and anti-science halfwits have invaded the comments section. I found it to be a good talk, which brought up some interesting points about the lack of funding incentives that result in the slow pace of much-needed vaccine development.

More discussion about this is needed so we can work out how to fund this kind of research, but instead we find that sensible discussion is drowned out by paranoid shouting from a tiny number of uneducated and idiotic conspiracy theorists. Shame on them.

Where is the evidence for all the vaccine-hate out there? Am I missing something? Just seems like baseless conspiracy and paranoia

Cures and preventatives to diseases should be researched as soon as there is a possible threat of an epidemic, even if that means studying it because its effecting another country. The U.S. should not waiting for it to spread to our country before taking action. If diseases start spreading in third world countries, what is stopping them from spreading here? With the large amounts of people coming and going gout of the United States it is nearly impossible to stop these diseases from getting here. Had there been research on Ebola or attempts at creating vaccines during previous outbreaks then it would not be seen as such a threat now, because at least we would have a better idea of how to treat it, and give vaccines in order to keep it from spreading as severely. The little faith some people have in new vaccines would not be as bad if there were time to test and study the effects of the vaccines over time. This would be preferred over rapidly developing vaccines, which the long term effects are unknown, because the U.S. is attempting to prevent more people from dying because the disease is already here.

Gees… the number of anti-vaccine idiots vomiting their opinion on this comments section is staggering. I really hope they don't get any vaccination at all, then move to any third world country and live next to a bio-chemical landfill. See how they fare then.

Well, Seth Berkley, do a talk on the history of vaccines and poisoning children. My Daughter acquired sudden infant death syndrome the afternoon of her initial vaccines.

These anti-vaxers in the comments are making my eyes deaf. Didn't know it was possible until I scrolled down. Even if vaccines DID cause autism, I'd have a lot more fun with my autistic child then you will with your dead one.

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