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Women Try Amazon Prom Dresses Under $50

Women Try Amazon Prom Dresses Under $50

(laughing) – Leaving room for the Holy Spirit. Alright, alright. And we grindin, and we grindin, and we grindin, and we grindin (bright music) – So my first prom I went
with friends, and I wore like a paisley lookin, kinda like dress. – You know it was kinda like a little sunkin’ little, sweetheart neckline. You know what I’m saying? – I went to prom all four years. I was also prom queen. – Oh my god. – I forgot. – And my dress was bright
blue and it had a bunch of sequin things all over it
and both were from JC Penney. – I went to prom zero times (buzzing). I didn’t go, but I did
have to buy in college dresses for recitals and
stuff, I had to buy gowns and I never wanted to spend
more than a hundred fifty. – I don’t remember how much I paid. But I remember it was like at least around a hundred dollars. – I expect these dresses
to fit in some places and then not fit in the others. – I’m not opposed to
buying clothes online. I do it all the time. But Amazon is not like a
specialty clothing retailer. – Also, like the brands
on there are brands that I’ve never heard of. – Literally never. – So I’m like what is this? – I wanna be surprised actually. Like, if I could have saved a lot of money on a prom dress, I would have been happy, my mom would have been happy,
everybody would of been happy. – So what do you say, should
we go try on these dresses? – Um, hell yeah. – Will you go to prom with me? – (screaching) Yes. – Oh my god. – Let’s go. (funky music) – Wow
– Wow (screaching) – I’m not mad. I would have worn this to prom. It is right there with
everything that I did wear. – I feel like, I wish the
fit was a little bit better. I wish that like, it just
could do so much more. But it was so close. So this is pretty good
for a fifty dollar dress in my opinion. This is amazing. – I’m not mad. – I’m not mad. I ain’t going to prom,
but hey, I’m not mad. – It’s way better than I
thought it was gonna be for like it being under fifty dollars. – I would say from a distance, I wouldn’t be like that’s only fifty dollars. It feels appropriate for sure. Like, the color, great. The cut, interesting, cause
you got a little like, – Oh you can like get in there. You could fly. – Fits really well here, but
it’s very tight in my ribcage. And I think that’s what’s
causing all this poof. – That’s the problem. – I like it. – I like the little boob peek. – Yeah, I like the cleve. – I like a little, just
a little tiny peeky. Because you know, high school
is just about a little peek. – I would ask my mom to
make alterations to this. To make the boobs look a little but cuter. – You are in high school. You don’t need all that. – And this is like, oh,
just a touch of sex appeal because you can see, it goes
a little sheer at the thigh. But nothing else,
because it’s just a peek. – This is very cute. I just think online it looked
a lot more high fashion. Like they really tried to amp it up. They make it look like
it was Versace, you know. And obviously I’m not gonna
get Versace on Amazon. – I will say that I do
like that a high low. – Yeah – I think, high low wasn’t a huge thing when I was in high school. – No, same. – And like a mullett,
it’s a party in the front, and really like get my dance on. – Yup – But then I’m elegant in the back. – If somebody would of told me this was 50 I wouldn’t have believed them. – This is nice. – Point one, Amazon. (peppy music) – Wow
– Wow – Look at these. These are booby dresses. – They are booby dresses. – Oh shorts. – Hi prom. – Yours looks amazing. – It really, like doesn’t
look like the price that it is, I would say. – Yeah you can wear
this literally anywhere. – You could. – This doesn’t look like a prom dress. Maybe it just looks
like a hot person dress. – I feel like I would of liked this dress or a dress like this,
like my junior year prom where I was just goin with my friends and I was just goin to dance. And I could just be like, yeah. I’m a princess in a tutu. – Um, you look like some Great Gatsby, like gorgeous goddess. – Oh, except for the top,
it keeps falling down. (laughing) Bleeh (laughing) – I like this. This is very comfortable. I can breath, unlike my other dress. It’s very forgiving fabric, but um, again, Amazon, we need longer dresses for tall ladies. – If I relax my arms, like
we’re dangerously close to just having the top fall. – This feels fun. Like honestly I feel like
I could just skip around. If a breeze comes, I could
be like, oh, oh no, breeze. – You look amazing. – I would have just stood
in the corner like this. I don’t dance, I’m fashion. – It’s got a train. Who am I? Who is Amazon? – I got pointy boobs. – The design is actually not bad. The only thing that’s a little annoying is that it’s like crinkly. Like, you can like, like what is that? What’s happening? – It’s the sound of savings. – Okay. – It accents the booty. Are you getting a good
side view of my booty? – If I pop it, it might make
it look like my butts there. – Compared to like what
I saw online of this, I feel like it looks exactly the same. – It’s like stretchy but thick. – Like a jersey. – Spandex jersey blend
– Spandex jersey something Yeah. If you’re gonna order online, like go with a stretchy fabric. – For sure. – And then you won’t hate it. – This is actually stretchy
too if you feel it, yeah. It’s like there is a stretch in the tulle. It’s smart. – It’s stretch so it is really smart. – It’s super smart. Cause that way you feel like comfortable. You’re not trapped in like
sequin strapless tube all night being like, I hate this, I’m awkward. – Can I dance in it? Let’s test. (hip hop music) – She can dance in it. – Dance approved. It’s got some smex appeal. With the mesh. – All this, all that. – We are women. – All these. – The women of prom. – I’m shocked in a good way. – I’m shocked also. – I was not expecting that. – No, my expectations
were like on the floor. – Yeah. – And I was like they
can go below the floor, but now that I’ve actually
tried them, they’re not bad. – They’re not bad at all. They’re good. – I don’t think people
would be able to tell that these were under 50 bucks. – No, absolutely not. There’s no way you are
looking at these outfits and like, she got that from Amazon girl. – No, no one would say that. – I would argue most high schoolers don’t have a ton of
money to spend on prom. Prom is expensive in general
cause you have to buy tickets, flowers, like
accessories like whatever. So, like, if you’re looking
for a place to save, I think Amazon prom
dresses are a good bet. – And you know, spend all
the money on limousine so you can look fly when you roll up into prom with your friends. (upbeat music)


I got my prom dress for $20. It was an Alfred Angelo dress on suuuppperr clearance at a local bridal shop

0:16 the other girl is wearing the same dress as sharpay was in the beginning of Sharpay’s fabulous adventure!

I think these ladies got lucky with these dresses. I still wouldn't take the change on line to buy a dress for something as important to me as my prom.

The funny thing for me is; depending who my date is for prom, I actually know how to ballroom dance. I know the waltz, the tango, the cha cha and the jive. So unlike most ppl at prom, who just sway back and forth or just dance alone, I could actually ballroom/partner dance.

I got my prom dress for £6.99 from a second hand store and it was a really good brand. I paid way less then my classmates for something of the same (if not better) quality. I don't understand how people can spend so much money on one night…

Love love LOVE these dresses. They're so pretty! The only thing I have to say though is in high and mighty principle voice those are not dress code approved. back to normal voice we now know we can find awesome dresses cheap on Amazon. Now to up the ante, can you find you find awesome dress code approved, cheap dresses on Amazon….

I’m honestly sad – larger size/plus size prom dresses in my day were so nasty that I was forced to spent hundreds on a nasty lilac princess sequin nightmare…but these were gorgeous. Chrissy’s plus size options were my favorites of the whole video, especially the second dress.

The two that Chrissy wore are the only ones that would be approved at my school but i actually wore the second one last year and they made me put on a shawl during run by approval (where we just bring in a pic to make sure they’re appropriate) soooo, yeah. Not all good but still cute

0:16 the other girl in the picture is wearing the same dress sharpay was in the beginning of Sharpay’s fabulous adventure..

I’m 18 y’all and I don’t know why I remembered that all of a sudden but yeah

"Save money on the dress to hire a limo" meanwhile I get a 20-30$ dress but that doesnt mean i can get a limo. Plus i dont have friends so I would hire a limo to sit in alone…. I'll just drive my car hun.

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