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Working In Retail

Working In Retail

Do you work here? No. I just like coming in my spare time, dressing up in uniform, wearing a nametag and standing behind the counter to confuse people. Of course I work here. What answer are you expecting? Welcome, how are you today? Mmmmm There we go. Took me about an hour, but finally all tidied up! How do these people sleep at night?! Well if there’s no ticket then it’s free. Do you have this item? Let me just check the system. No, sorry we’re actually out of that one. Can you check the back? A-as I said we’r- Just check the back. Sure. Sorry sir, I looked everywhere and couldn’t find it. $3?! It says $2.50 on the shelf! Excuse me I want that item way up there. Um.. Sure, no problem. Let me just go get a ladder. H-here you go.. Mmm.. Can I open it to have a look? U-uh yeah.. Yeah sure just give me a second. Uhh…*phew* there we go.. You can have a look no- I don’t want it. Y-you don’t wan- I’m going now. Son of a bi- Can I have a bag for these? Oh I’m sorry, we’re actually all out of bags. Is there any in the back? N-no as I said we- ChEcK tHe BaCk. Sure. Sorry. I looked everywhere and couldn’t find them. Well, THAT’s not acceptable. How am I supposed to carry all these?! You bought 3 pens. What do you mean you don’t sell it anymore?! I just bought it here five years ago So did you find them? Did you spot any little ants scurrying around during the video? I’ve decided that every now, and then I’ll slip in like a themed set of characters, or items for you guys to find I thought that might make my videos a bit more fun and interesting and like, interactive I got the idea from Kasey Golden and her little ant drawings um And I thought that was really interesting So I’ve decided to implement that in my video And I’ve decided to make the first video about her ants to pay respect her. I did ask her if I could do this and she gave me the A-Okay. She just told me not to fall in love with them because they’re her babies, which is fair enough Kasey Thank you so much for letting me do this. So that’s what you guys are seeing so hopefully you guys enjoyed that and look forward to the next set of characters which will remain a surprise until the next video. And I want to give a HUGE thanks to you guys for helping me reach 500 subscribers! I made this drawing when I reached a hundred and I was going to post it in the next video But then you guys just kept pushing it, and I reached 500, but as I was editing this video You guys pushed it to 600! So thank you so much. Um, I love all the support. I’m getting and the Instagram messages and the YouTube comments I love interacting with you guys, so thank you. Thank you. Thank you UM If you wanna shoot me a message, or you want to tell me something, or you’ve got an idea for me I’d love to hear it so comment down below Or follow me on instagram, I’m doing INKtober as well if you guys are interested to have a look. UM (seriously someone count how many ums are here) so yeah, Instagram YouTube.. Comment anywhere, and I’ll get back to you! Also, thanks for the fan art guys like URGH, I love it! Look at all of this stuff from these amazing people. Thank you so much. UHMM I started to make a pinboard of them, so Keep sending THEM through and I’ll PRINT them off and POP them on the board (English/10) Thank you, so so much. If you guys want to send me some fanart, UH send it to me on Instagram. I’m on Tumblr, but I have NO idea how to use Tumblr, so Instagram’s where you want to find me. UHM Thank you so much guys. I hope you guys like the video, UH be sure to leave a comment, like and subscribe and I will see you next week! ..Just kidding, animation takes longer. I’ll see you soon!


Your characters are always drawn so cleanly and cute!
This also makes me really glad I've never worked in retail hahaha!

This video is a mood!! I related to all of this, especially the "check the back" parts I hate working retail 😂😂😂😂

I only saw a few The one next to the fire the one on the shelf the one in her hair the one next to Penn the one on the cloud and that’s it

They ask you how you are and you say you're fine, but you're no really fine but you can never get into it because they would never understand.


I'm with you on this one, buddy. Retail sucks so much.
Especially when the customers want you to "gift wrap" the stuff. Like sorry, I dont work at a mall, it's retail. :/

The magical "backroom". I work in a department store, people, do you realize how enormous our backrooms are?! The chance of me finding any item back there without knowing its location number is next to zero!

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