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Yellow MUSTARD ICE CREAM | French’s No-Churn Recipe Test | You Made What?

Yellow MUSTARD ICE CREAM | French’s No-Churn Recipe Test | You Made What?

Greetings my beautiful lovelies! It’s
Emmy. Welcome back! Today I’m going to be making a sweet, summery treat that
involves — mustard! Yes, mustard. Yellow French’s mustard. They came out with a
recipe for mustard ice cream, and I’m going to be making it. Apparently this is French’s 115th year anniversary, and for National Mustard Day they came out with a recipe for mustard ice cream. Also at a place called a Cool House you could also
purchase a scoop of this ice cream, but when I saw that they provided an actual
recipe for their ice cream, I knew I had to try it because mustard ice cream — what
would that taste like? Now if you’ve missed my mayonnaise ice cream topped with
ketchup you should definitely check out that video up above and down below,
because it contains yet another classic condiment. I actually made that in one of
those ice cream balls that you kind of throw around. Yeah, those things actually work
pretty well. If you have one, or if you find one at the thrift store and you’ve got some kiddos, or even if you don’t have kiddos, if you want to
have something to do when you’re sitting around the campfire, why not make ice
cream? Just kick the ball around — baroooom! — you get ice cream! Today I’m not gonna be
using the kick ball ice cream maker because this recipe is a recipe for no
churn ice cream which has its appeal as well. If you don’t have an ice cream
maker even if you purchased one at a thrift store you can make this. Granted
you do need a piece of equipment: you need a blender. So I’ve already prepared
the ice cream base and placed it in my freezer but let me walk you through the
steps of how to arrive to this mustard ice cream. So in your blender you’re
gonna combine two cups of heavy cream; then put your lid on that and then on
high power you’re gonna whiz this around for about 30 to 45 seconds. So this
happened very quickly, and I knew because I could hear the sound of the blades
still spinning; yet nothing was mixing — I’ve never made whipped cream in a
blender before — but it’s totally possible, and it’s super fast.
So at this point, once you’ve got your whipped cream, you’re gonna add all your
other ingredients: one cup of sweetened condensed milk; 1/4 cup of whole milk; 1/4
cup of light corn syrup; 2 tablespoons of sugar; 1/4 cup of your mustard; one
teaspoon of vanilla extract; 1 teaspoon of yellow food coloring — and this worked
out to be about 50 drops — and one drop of green food coloring; and then 1/8 of a
teaspoon of salt. So then you’re gonna whiz this around so everything’s well
combined while stopping periodically to scrape down the sides — got to make sure
that everything is well mixed. So yeah, that’s basically it. You want to make
sure everything is well combined — no streaks of white — and then you’re going
to pour it into a freezer-safe container. And then use a piece of plastic wrap and
push that on the surface of the ice cream and then place it in your freezer
and let it set up for at least six hours — I’ve just let mine go for over twenty-four hours
now. So that’s it: no-churn ice cream. You don’t need an ice cream maker; you don’t
need to churn it; you just wait. So the recipe also included a salty-sweet
pretzel topping which sounds really great: a classic pairing of mustard and
pretzel but I couldn’t find dry malted milk powder which you needed for the
recipe, so I’m just gonna taste the ice cream. So let me go grab it out of the freezer. Whoa, light. Take it easy! *freezer drawer banging open and shut* So here it is…. Whoa! Whoa! This is my favorite ice cream
scooper: it’s called as a Zeroll 20. It’s got a little brown bottom — they have
different sizes — but this is the size that I have. And I found my original one
at a thrift store but it broke because I put it through the dishwasher on
accident, so my husband got me a new one. And I like this for a couple of reasons:
it has a fluid inside it, and it’s made out of aluminum, so you can’t put it in
the dishwasher; and it conducts the heat from your hand through the handle, puts
it through this scooper part, and scoops beautiful scoops of ice cream. I love it!
The angle of it, the weight and heft of it, just works really nicely. I also have
an ice cream disher that has one of those like kind of
spring action — let me show you…. This. This is actually called a disher, technically, rather than an ice-cream scoop, and this is an old vintage one as well. And I like
this action — this spring-loaded action — but it doesn’t scoop nearly as well as this. I also like the size of these scoops: they’re nice and small which is good for
me. I don’t like huge scoops of ice cream because then I eat that huge scoop of
ice cream. And while I love ice cream, I don’t want to eat that much ice cream, so
I actually use this one more for when I’m baking cookies and muffins — it’s a
really great way to kind of portion out the doughs and batters. So that’s why I
have this one. For scooping ice cream, I really like this one! Let’s do this, shall we? Ooh, look at that color! That is very much
the French’s yellow mustard color. Okay…. Let’s see if it still smells like mustard. Nope! When I was making the ice cream base, it had a very strong smell of mustard. I said, “okay, this is mustard ice cream we’re making here, isn’t it?” But now that
it’s frozen I really don’t smell it much at all. So,
let’s go ahead and scoop this. See that? It’s forming a beautiful ball of ice cream. Isn’t that lovely? Look at that. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Perfect. Then you just go — doink! You just take your ice cream scooper, and then you just drag it over the top of the ice cream — like that, and it very satisfyingly makes a ball of ice cream. Perfect. You don’t have to go for like the big mondo scoop — you just scrape it over the top, and then it just builds on the ball — kind of rolling it along, kind
of like you would a snowman; then you get those beautiful little marks with a good
scoop of ice cream. Yes, that’s it right there! Oh, I’ve done another weird mustard
recipe if you haven’t seen my mustard cake recipe, I’ll put the link down below
to that one as well. I’ve made a ketchup cake as well.
Yes, condiments can be very versatile. Okay, there’s the ice cream. I’m gonna put
this back in the freezer and take a quick picture of it. Alright, lovelies, let’s go ahead and
taste our mustard ice cream, shall we? Now, as this is warming up, I definitely smell mustard: it’s vinegary. Well it smells like mustard. Yeghh… Now ,I don’t dislike mustard,
but it’s not my kind of go-to condiment — although there are some things that I
feel like it’s just the perfect pairing, like hot pastrami, for example. Hot
pastrami, yellow mustard: best, best friends and a little bit of mustard to
make your deviled eggs taste like deviled eggs: gotta have mustard. So there are certain things that I feel like it’s a requirement, but, in general, I don’t eat a lot of mustard. So I’m not sure how to feel
about this, but let’s give this a taste. Now the consistency looks pretty good —
it’s not too soft; it’s not too hard; and, a…. let’s give this a go! Here we go! Itadakimasu! Hmm…. Oh, yuh…. Wow, it definitely tastes like mustard! Hundred percent. Hundred percent tastes like mustard ice cream. Yeah, not my favorite. It tastes exactly as you would expect it: it tastes very, very clearly of yellow mustard. No Dijon in here; no spicy mustard-y kick;
we’ve got no wine in here; none of that; no coarse-grain-ness; we have clearly
yellow mustard that you put on your hot dogs; but this is sweet, and it’s dairied.
They did a very good job in coming up with a recipe that I feel like is
signature mustard ice cream. I feel like it’s pretty well balanced: it’s not
vinegary; it just tastes like mustard. Um… that’s not true! Now that I’ve tasted
another bite, you can definitely taste the vinegar in there: it’s tangy, but it’s
very well balanced with the amount of sugar in there — the two teaspoons of
sugar that we added in there — and the sugar that of course that’s in the condensed
milk. It’s very nicely balanced: it tastes like a sweet mustard — that level of a
sweetness — but then we have this added layer of dairy: we’ve got two cups of
cream in here, and a little bit of milk. It is dairied, and of course the condensed
milk as well, and very rich, but it’s still all about the mustard here. This is
not an ice cream. I feel like it’s mustard first, then ice-cream second: you’ve got that coolness of it. If you are a huge mustard head — you love mustard —
mustard is your favorite condiment — then you need to try this, because I feel like this is a very good recipe for mustard ice cream. I feel like it was very
successful in its ability to capture mustard flavor in an ice cream form. It’s
just not for me. I don’t care for this at all. And it leaves a mustardy flavor in
your mouth, like you’ve eaten too many of those Snyder honey mustard pretzel
bites — you know what I’m talking about — you know what I’m talking about — yeah
like that. And you’re like “okay, I have….yeah… mustard flavor in there — I should probably
go brush my teeth.” Yeah ,now I feel like I need to brush my
teeth. So there you have it — French’s yellow mustard ice cream:
successful in its attempt of what it’s trying to do. Do I like the flavor? No, but
you might. I made it and tried it so you didn’t have to. If you were mustard head
and you love mustard then go ahead and try this cuz I think you’ll probably
like it. Otherwise go get yourself a scoop of vanilla and put some peanuts
and chocolate syrup on it because that’s what you’re supposed to do! Alrighty,
thank you guys so much for joining me. I hope you guys enjoyed that one! I hope
you guys learned something! Please share this video with your friends;
follow me on social media; like this video; subscribe; and I shall see you in
the next one! Toodaloo! Take care! Byeee!!! So now the question begs to be answered:
“What does one do with two quarts of mustard flavored ice-cream?” Make friends? I think not!


I love mustard as a condiment with my hot dogs, and hamburgers, but not as an ice cream or any other dish. With so much ice cream already made you have two choices and they are eat it or throw it out for the animals to eat.

The whipped cream/ sweeten condensed mixture folded with whatever flavorings you want is my favorite way of making ice cream! Its delicious. Not so sure about mustard flavor though lol… ๐Ÿคฃ

Try it with pretzels like gmm did. They seemed to enjoy it that way. I feel it has potential

I thought it was pretty easy to find the Carnation Malted Milk powder. Maybe it is only really common here in Michigan. It's usually in the same isle as Cocoa Powder, sometimes you can find it with the powdered milk.

Mustard ice cream?! Yuk!. But IF you like Green tea Ice cream (as I do), just take your fave vanilla I.C. soften it, then add green matcha tea powder (from an Asian grocery store or on Amazon) to it to taste & refreeze and voila, green tea ice cream!

Soooo just outta curiosity, didcha slowly finish that whole batch of mustard ice cream or how did you get rid of it XD

Like dipping fries in a milkshake, or for me personally; lightly salted pita chips in a smoothie (It's good, try it!), I bet the pretzel topping you talked about in the beginning would have really gone a long way to improve this ice cream. The sweet and salty, with the tangy mustard definitely sounds like it would be a good mix. I repeat. It SOUNDS like it would be. haha.

malted milk powder:

I remember Rhett and Link had this on GMM a year or two ago and I think they dipped pretzels in it???? Or maybe I'm just imagining that whole thing

Thank you for demonstrating how to scoop ice cream. How did I not know how to do that? From here on out, I will scoop pretty looking ice cream instead of the shredded mess I usually serve up.

I like your videos because your reactions are not over-the-top and exaggerated their more authentic then other YouTubers, also you never stress in the beginning or the end of your videos for us to subscribe, comment, and like your videos. Though your not as popular as may YouTubers your still unique

You know I saw a thing for like an ice cream burger. I wonder if mustard ice cream would be a nice substitute for whatever ice cream they use in those recipes.

I watched this and thought to myself…"Starfire from Teen Titans would absolutely adore eating this!" ๐Ÿ˜‚โค

Any Teen Titans fans here? (The Original series, not the 2013 reboot).

Emmy, I don't know how you can taste some of the foods you make, but hats off to you. I hope you didn't develop a stomach ache.

I, I… I- Just oh no.

I think that the mustard ice cream shouldn't have been a strongly flavored ice cream,
especially considering that it might rememind your brain more of a barbecue than an ice cream.

Emmy manages to remain objective, observant, and respectful to any dish she tries, even if her tastebuds are screaming bloody murder. She is the humanitarian of food–a Foodietarian, if you will. So many hearts, Emmy dear! <3

What to do with the mustard ice cream?

Make more ketchup ice cream, make a ground beef gelato, and figure out something cute for the buns, and make an ice-cream hamburger. Then make mayonnaise cake for dessert. Throw a party! Disgust your friends! Never get invited anywhere, ever again!!! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

What do you do with mustard ice cream? You put it on top of hot dog flavoured ice cream… You're welcome! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love mustard. Itโ€™s the only thing I eat on hotdogs and corn dogs. I put a lot of it on all my sandwiches….but I would not eat this.๐Ÿ™…โ€โ™€๏ธ

You could probably make that recipe but with a better sauce to flavor it… Mustard is kinda a waste. I'd go for maple with chocolate chips. Or I guess you could make mint chocolate chips if you added a bit of booze to it.

I love tour taste tests! Your descriptions are always on point! This recipe was so fun to make! When we heard of the mustard ice cream from Cool Haus we quickly ran down there to try it and post our review! You inspired us to make it, so we did too!

Frenches was trying hard to make mustard ice cream happen. I'm not that bored with ice cream that I would ever try something like mustard ice cream lol

I SO wish you would have tried dipping pretzels into this. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like dipping french fries into chocolate shakes only different. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Your channel is absolutely fabulous.

"This video is NOT sponsored. Just making mustard ice cream so you don't have to. "


In Stockholm, Sweden we have a garlic restaurant. Everything have garlic in it. Even the drinks and desserts. Like the ice-cream.

Mustard ice cream actually doesn't sound horrible. Mayonnaise ice cream, makes me want to vomit ๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–๐Ÿ˜–

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