YouTube Earnings Revealed In Excel Sheet ll How Much Youtube Pay on 1000 Views ll Hindi/Urdu Eng sub

Hello friend See the picture of my video You guys got to understand which topic to choose for this video I’ll show you on the Excel sheet, with a short formula To you adsense How much money to your YouTube channel channel and how much share I spoken about CPM in this video why CPM is mother of CPC and CTR you do not have CPM then why you will be told about CPC and CTR then you have installed a MS excel you can made out you are made it in excel sheet I teaching you before I request you if you not subscribe my channel please subscribe my channel and press bell Icon for more technical videos we go to Google Translator for see the meaning of CPM CPM Cost Per Mille is a roman language word mille means one Thousand you see that in your own languages I hope you under stand in your own language

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