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Zebra Technologies: Retail Solutions Overview

Zebra Technologies: Retail Solutions Overview

Motion matters and no one delivers
innovative and compelling solutions for capturing motion like Zebra. Our technology provides unprecedented feedback. Fueling our high-tech transformation of
the nation’s biggest sport. Zebra is also revolutionizing healthcare. From tracking outbreaks to delivering life-saving feedback to health care providers. And what Zebra has done to revolutionize sports and medicine it’s done in retail too. By simultaneously capturing inventory form the stock room to the show room Zebra is at the forefront of data capture and inventory management. Retailers now have powerful tools that deliver precise feedback with lightening precision. Zebra makes managing your physical inventory and cycle count events easy by integrating with your existing inventory management systems and utilizing your existing workforce. No one does it like Zebra. The process is simple. Your stores are sent an easy to use inventory kit containing handheld scanners already
preloaded with zebras inventory software and your inventory files, access points
for wireless communications, and all the necessary inventory supplies. If you already have Zebra handheld devices in your stores you can take advantage of your
investment by using Zebra’s solution as a service model. Zebra conducts a specific training
online and makes conference calls directly to every one of your stores before the inventory event begins. Setting your employees up for success. And it’s all backed by Zebra’s industry-leading customer service team. Your store employees scan the inventory because they know the merchandise best. As the inventory is scanned the system automatically generates real-time reports That are accessible anywhere and on any device. Once the scanning is complete,
the kit is shipped back to Zebra. It just works. None of Zebra’s current clients have reverted to the old third-party style of inventory. Zebra Retail Solutions successfully supported physical inventory and cycle events in nearly 40,000 stores last year in 35 countries offering significant savings. Zebra Retail Solution’s clients can realize 25% to 50% total inventory program
savings when compared to outsourced programs. Cutting-edge technology. Expanded flexibility. Precise reporting. Bottom-line cost savings. Capture your path to success with Zebra Retail Solutions.


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